Form Regions

These were introduced in 2007
These are primarily used to customise Inspector windows
Inspector windows are windows that appear when you double click an Outlook item.

What can you do:
1) Add additional pages
2) Replace all existing pages
3) add custom UI to existing pages
4) customise the reading pane in explorer windows

An inspector window can have multiple pages associated with it and can use Ribbon buttons to switch between the pages

Form Region Types
Separate - adds a new page, can customise standard builtin message class
Adjoining - appends to the bottom of the default page. Appends to the bottom of the reading pane. Can customise standard builtin message class
Replacement - Replaces existing page, replaces the reading pane
Replace All - Replaces all pages, replaces the reading pane

There are two ways to create Form Regions
Using Visual Studio, Windows Form Designer / VSTO
Using Outlook, Forms Designer - form is designed in Outlook, then imported into Visual Studio. More features than Visual Studio, Automatic data binding

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