Application Level

Startup / Quit Events

Application.Startup - raised after add-ins have been loaded.
Application.NewExplorer -
Application.MAPILogonComplete - raised after outlook has connected to the mail server
Application.Quit - raised when outlook is about to exit, before add-ins are unloaded ?

Application.ItemSend - raised when an item is sent.
Application.NewMailEx - raised when a new item is received in the inbox when items are delivered to the default message store
Application.NewMail - raised when a new item is received in the inbox
Application.AttachmentContextMenuDisplay -
Application.FolderContextMenuDisplay -
Application.StoreContextMenuDisplay -
Application.ShortcutContextMenuDisplay -
Application.ItemCntextMenuDisplay -
Application.ContextMenuClose -
Application.ItemLoad -

Globals.ThisAddin.Application.NewMail += new Outlook.ApplicationEvents_11_NewMailEventHandler(method) 

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