Explorer Level

An Explorer object represents the main application window which contains the Navigation Pane on the left hand side.

Explorer.Activate - window gets the focus
Explorer.Deactivate - window loses the focus
Explorer.NewExplorer - new window is created (or Explorers)
Explorer.Close - window is closed

Explorer.BeforeViewSwitch - when the user changes a view on a folder using the View menu. This is not fired when the user selects another folder.
Explorer.ViewSwitch - when the user changes the view using the View menu or by selecting another folder.
Explorer.BeforeFolderSwitch - when the user changes to a different folder
Explorer.BeforeItemCopy - raised before one or more items are copied
Explorer.BeforeItemCut - raised before one or more items are cut
Explorer.BeforeItemPaste - raised before items are pasted in

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