Advanced Email Options

Save messages

Autosave items in - Specify the folder you want to save drafts of messages in. You can only save drafts in the Drafts, Inbox, Sent Mail, and Outbox folders.
AutoSave items every - Automatically saves messages while you are working on them.
Minutes - Specify the number of minutes you want to pass before saving an unsent message.
In folders other than the Inbox, save replies with original message - Saves a copy of each reply in the Sent Items folder. If you reply to a message from a folder other than the Inbox, the reply is saved in the open folder.
Save forwarded messages - Saves a copy of each forwarded message you send.

When new items arrive in my Inbox section

Tracking Options - Specify advanced options, such as where to save unfinished messages, and whether to play a sound when messages arrive.
Process requests and responses on arrival - Automatically processes all message responses and requests.
Process receipts on arrival - Automatically processes receipts when they are received. Tracking information will be added to the original message in Sent Items folder.
After processing, move receipts to - Automatically moves to the specified folder all receipts notifying you when messages are delivered, read, and recalled.
Delete blank voting and meeting responses after processing - Automatically moves to the Deleted Items folder all responses to your meeting requests that have no comments and notifications returned when messages are delivered, read, or recalled. Meeting responses are placed on your Calendar, and status from notifications is placed on the Tracking tab of the original item in the Sent Items folder.

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