Outlook Panes

Navigation -
Reading Pane -

Outlook Start and Exit

Start Outlook in this folder -
Browse -
Empty Deleted Items folder when exiting Outlook -


AutoArchive Settings -


Show reminders -
Play reminder sound -


Export -

RSS Feeds

Any RSS Feed item that is updated appears as new -
Synchronize RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List (CFL) in Windows -

Send and Receive

Send / Receive -
Send immediately when connected -


Custom Forms -
Show add-in user interface errors -

International Options

Use English for message flag labels -
Use English for message headers on replies and forwards and for forward notifications -
Automatically select encoding for outgoing messages -
Preferred encoding for outgoing messages -
Automatically select encoding for vCards -
Preferred encoding for outgoing vCards -
Allow international domain names in email addresses -
Allow UTF-8 support for the mailbox protocol -


Disable hardware graphics acceleration -


Quick Click -
Prompt for confirmation before permanently deleting items -
Allow analysis of sent emails to identify people you commonly email and subjects you commonly discuss and upload this information to the default SharePoint server -
Enable troubleshooting logging - Requires restarting Outlook
Select Folder -
Use animation when expanding conversations and groups -

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