User interface options

Show mini toolbar on selection - Display the mini toolbar when you select text.
Enable live preview - Show a preview of how a feature affects the document as you hover over different choices.
Screentip style - The options are: Show feature descriptions in ScreenTips, Don't show feature descriptions I ScreenTips, Don't show ScreenTips.
Always use cleartype - (Removed in 2013). Office 2007 was optimised to use ClearType fonts. ClearType fonts make text easier to read. This setting is shared among all the Microsoft Office applications.
Show developer tab in the ribbon - (Moved in 2010). This was moved to the Customize Ribbon tab.

Personalise your copy of Microsoft Office

Username - Entering your full name will allow your name to be automatically saved in any workbooks that you create. This is shared among all your Microsoft Office applications.
Initials -
Always use these values regardless of sign in to Office -
Office Background - (Added in 2013). Lets you change the pattern that appears above the ribbon. This drop-down contains the following: No Background, Calligraphy, Circles and Stripes, Circuit, Clouds, Doodle Circles, Doodle Diamonds, Geometry, Lunchbox, School Supplies, Spring, Stars, Straws, Tree Rings and Underwater. The default is Clouds. This is shared among all your Microsoft Office applications.
Office Theme - (Added in 2013). Lets you change the tint option that is applied to the background and borders of the ribbon and row and column headings. The drop-down contans the following: White, Light Gray and Dark Gray. This is shared among all your Microsoft Office applications.
Choose language you want to use with Microsoft Office - (Moved in 2010).

Office intelligent services

Startup Options

Make outlook the default program for e-mail, contacts and calendar - Specify that when an application needs access to email, contacts or a calendar program, Outlook is used.

Attachment options

Linkedin Features

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