Editor Options - Advanced

Editing Options

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Typing replaces selected text -
When selecting automatically select entire word -
Allow text to be dragged and dropped -
Use CTRL + Click to follow hyperlink -
Automatically create drawing canvas when inserting autoshapes -
Use smart paragraph selection -
Use smart cursoring -
Use the insert key to control overtype mode -
Use overtype mode -
Prompt to update style -
Use normal style for bulleted or numbered lists -
Keep track of formatting -
Mark formatting inconsistencies -
Updating style to match selection -
Enable click and type -
Default paragraph style - This option cannot be changed when there are no documents open.
Show AutoComplete suggestions -
Do not automatically hyperlink screenshot -

Cut, Copy and Paste

Within the same email -
Pasting between emails -
Pasting between emails when style definitions conflict -
Pasting from other programs -
Insert/paste pictures as -
Keep bullets and numbers when pasting text with keep only option -
Use the insert key for paste -
Show paste options buttons when content is pasted -
Use smart cut and paste -
Settings -


Use pen to select and interact with content by default -


Show measurements in units of - Centimeters
Show pixels for html features -
Show shortcut keys in screentips -
Optimize character positioning for layout rather than readability -
Disable hardware graphcs acceleration -
Update document content while dragging - Show how the document content will look as objects are moved, resized or rotated.
Use subpixel positioning to smooth fonts on screen -

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