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AutoCorrect Options - Displays the "AutoCorrect" dialog box.

When correcting spelling in Microsoft Office programs

Ignore words in Uppercase - Do not check the spelling of words that contain all letters in uppercase.
Ignore words that contain numbers - Do not check the spelling of words that contain numbers.
Ignore internet and file addresses - Ignore words that are internet or file addresses.
Flag repeated words - Ignore repeated words.
Enforce accented uppercase in french - Alerts you to French words that contain uppercase letters that are missing an accent mark.
Suggest from main dictionary only - Suggest words only from the main dictionary that is built into the spelling checker. If you choose this option then words in your custom dictionaries are not included in the list of suggested words when you check the spelling.
Custom Dictionaries -
French modes -
Spanish modes -

When correcting spelling in Outlook

Check spelling as you type -
Mark grammar errors as you type -
Frequently confused words -
Check grammar with spelling -
Show readability statistics - Display readability statistics after you have finished checking the spelling.
Writing style -
Settings -
Recheck email -

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