Mail Format Tab

Compose in this message format - Specify which format messages in Microsoft Outlook are composed in.
Use Microsoft Word to edit e-mail messages check box- Specify whether you have selected Microsoft Word as your default editor for e-mail messages. Clear this box if you want to keep Outlook as your editor for e-mail messages.
Use Microsoft Word to read Rich Plain Text e-mail messages check box- Specify whether you have selected to use Word to view messages using Rich Text format. Clear this check box if you want to use Outlook to view Rich Text messages.
Internet Format - Specify options for HTML, Outlook Rich Text, and Plain text messages.
International Options - Specify whether to use English in message headers, and identify the type of encoding for outgoing messages and unmarked received messages.
Reduce the file size of message by removing formatting information that is not necessary to display the e-mail message -
Rely on CSS for font formatting -
Save smart tags in e-mail -
Stationery and Fonts -
Signatures -
Editor Options -

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