Preferences Tab

Junk Email - Specify options for identifying and managing unwanted email messages. Displays the "Junk Email Options" dialog box.
Email Options - Specify options for replying, forwarding, moving, deleting and sending and receiving messages.
Default reminder - Specify the amount of time before appointments that you want to be reminded about the appointment.
Default reminder list box - Type the number of minutes before appointments when you want to be reminded.
Calendar Options - You can specify general settings for Calendar, such as the days of the work week, time zones, and holidays.
Reminder time - Type the time of day when you want to be reminded of tasks due that day.
Task Options - Specify the color of overdue tasks and completed tasks.
Contact Options - Specify naming and filing preferences for your new contacts.
Journal Options - Specify general settings for Journal, such as what type of items and contacts to automatically record and what happens when you double-click a journal entry.
Note Options - Specify the font style, color, and size used in notes.
Search Options - Displays the "Search Options" dialog box.
Notifications -
Mobile Options -

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