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Editing your Clip Art


Because all clip art is just a collection of lines and fills it is possible to deconstracut the clip art into all its individual lines and fills.


Once you have done this you can edit and change each part individually to tailor the graphic to your needs.


Lets start off with a regular piece of clipart inserted using the clip art task pane.



UnGrouping the ClipArt


You can deconstruct an item of clip art by ungrouping it. Select (Draw > UnGroup).


The following warning message will be displayed asking if you want to convert it to a Microsoft Office drawing. Click Yes.


The clip art has now been converted to a Microsoft Office drawing object which means that it can now be treated like a regular object.


You will notice that the object is still just a single object at this point.


It is possible to change the colour and basic formatting for each of the different components but you cannot add, delete or move any items.


Below we have selected the main chassis object and have changed the colour to light grey.



You need to ungroup it again by selecting (Draw > UnGroup) to split it into all its individual lines and fills so select.


Once the object has been ungrouped the clipart is now just made up of separate drawing objects.



Making your changes


Click away to deselect and select the piece you want to edit.


Move size, change the colour etc


When you have finished remember to regroup the shapes afterwards though by selecting (Draw > ReGroup).



Things to Remember

  • A lot of time the colours used in the clipart will not be exactly what you want but you can easily change the colours. The easiest way to do this is to use the Recolor Picture button on the Drawing toolbar.


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