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Step 1 - What is the AutoContent Wizard ?


This wizard is useful for certain categories of presentations particularly business related presentations.


Provides templates and ideas for a wide variety of different types of presentation.


PowerPoint will create a number of slides for you and will suggest content relevant to that specific type of presentation.


This wizard helps you determine the content and organisation of your presentation by using an outline.


The AutoContent Wizard leads you through a series of questions so you can choose the best layout for your presentation.


The Wizard supplies not only the design but also ideas, starter text, formatting and organisation.


The colour scheme and the background colour will be selected for you although you can change this afterwards.


A very easy way to get started is to use the AutoContent wizard.


The easiest way to create your first presentation is to use the AutoContent Wizard.



Step 2 - Start


Select (File > New) to display the New Presentation task pane and click on the AutoContent Wizard hyperlink.


This will ask you for some information such as your name, the tile of the presentation, type of the presentation


This wizard only creates an outline for common types of presentations.



Step 3 - Presentation Type


Select the type of presentation you want that best describes the type of presentation you are going to give.


There are several sub topics to choose from under each category


There are a number of different categories to choose from or you can choose All to display the entire list.



Step 4 - Presentation Style


Choose the type of output you want for the presentation.



Step 5 - Presentation Options


Enter a presentation title and footer


You can also include a footer which will be repeated at the bottom of every slide.



Step 6 - Finish


Select Finish to view the presentation.


The presentation will be created and the sample content will be displayed.


Replace the suggestions for the content by clicking on each textbox in the slide pane


The suggestions given will guide you through the different sections of your presentation.


Replace the suggestions with your text.


The wizard populates the username into the subtitle box on the title slide. The name used is obtained from the information about the registered user although this can be overwritten from (Tools > Options)(General tab).


Suggestions on the points you might want to make are given on each slide and should be replaced with your own comments.


You should also change the slide titles as well if necessary.



Step 7 - Presentation Locations


PowerPoint 2003 - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033\


PowerPoint 2002 - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033\


PowerPoint 2000 - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033\


PowerPoint 97 - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033\



Step 8 - Things to Remember


  • The colour scheme and the background colour will be selected for you although you can change this afterwards.

  • It is possible to add your own templates to the AutoContent Wizard. For more information please refer to the Advanced Techniques page.

  • The wizard helps you create the Title Slide (the first slide) in your presentation and gives you suggested content for the other slides.

  • The exact number of slides created will depend on what choices were made as you worked through the wizard.

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