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What is an Organisation Chart ?


Organisation charts allow you easily display the structure or organisation of elements.


An organisation chart is a graphical representation of the structure for a corporation, committee or operation.


These charts are useful when you need to portray a relationship.


When you insert an organisational chart you are embedding a chart, Insert > Picture > Organisation Chart.


These charts are composed of boxes connected to one another by lines.


Can be used to show the personnel structure within an organisation.


Organisation charts can be used to show any type of hierarchical organisation.


An organisation chart graphically represents the management structure of an organisation.



Office 2000 and 97


PowerPoint 2000 and PowerPoint 97 both use a separate Microsoft Organisation Chart program to create organisation charts.


This used to require a separate application in PowerPoint 2000.


PowerPoint 2002 has a built-in Organisation Chart feature and does not require this separate program allowing you to create, save and print your organisation charts directly from within PowerPoint.


This new feature offers most of the same options for creating and customising your charts and is consistent across Excel and Word as well.


If you open a presentation that includes an organisation chart that was created in an earlier version, the chart will be automatically converted allowing you to use the built-in tool to make any changes.



Organisation Chart



Structure Diagram



Organisation Chart Toolbar


This toolbar will be displayed everytime an organisation chart is activated.



Types of Component


Subordinate - Adds another box below the selected one


Co-worker - Adds another box on the same level as the selected box


Assistant - Adds another box below the selected box, but at an offset.



When a box is selected for editing, you will see four lines available to insert information.


Each line is a field that contains information for the name, title and two comments.


You can zoom in for a closer look. To click a box click it once and it can be moved


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