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Displaying Images


When you include graphics and images into a presentation it is important that the image is the correct size.


If you are going to display the presentation as a slide show on a laptop or video projector then you need to know the video resolution of the monitor that you will be using.


You can find out what the video resolution of a monitor is by right clicking on the desktop and selecting Properties. Select the Settings tab.


Large monitors may be 1024 by 768 and smaller ones may be 800 by 600.


The size of your image needs to be proportional to the area of the screen that it will occupy.


If the image will be displayed on the whole screen, then it need to be the same size as the screen (e.g. 1024 pixels by 768 pixels).


If the image is only going to be displayed on a third of the screen then the image needs to be (1024 / 3) by (768 / 3) pixels in size.



Drawing Straight Lines


Hold down the shift key as you draw the line


moves round in angles of 33 degrees ????



Bendy Text


How can you warp text inside a circle


Add a circle using the AutoShapes


right click and select "Add Text" insert your text


Select (Format > AutoShape) and tick "wrap text checkbox"



Adding Text


You can add text-anchored to shapes, just select the shape and start typing.


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