Animation Schemes

An animation scheme is just a predefined slide transition and a collection of animation effects applied to slide objects.
Once of the most basic type of animation schemes is the "Appear".
This just defines the paragraphs of text to appear one at a time

alt text

Animation Schemes Task Pane

The pane is actually called the Slide Design - Animation Schemes" task pane
More complex animation schemes cause text to fly in and spin around etc.

alt text

The animation schemes are divided into 5 categories:

Recently Used
No Animation

The animation schemes are organised into three categories.

No Animation
Selecting "No animation" will remove all animation from the slide.

For a full list of all the animation schemes please refer to the list page >>>

Applying an Animation Scheme to a Slide

Move to the slide you want to apply the animation to.

Clicking an animation scheme to see the preview will actually assign that transition to the slide.
Make sure you select "No animation" after you have been previewing the animations.

The apply to all slides will apply to the whole presentation.


To really see how the animation schemes work you should experiment with the preview provided.

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