Displaying the Effect Options Dialog Box

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Sound - Sets a sound to play with the animation effect.
After Animation - Sets an action to take place after the animation is done. You can select a colour to dim the object or text to, or hide the object or text.
Animate Text - Sets the text to be animated by word, by letter, or all at once.
% delay between letters -


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Start - Sets the action that starts playing the animation: start playing on mouse click, play while previous effect is playing, or play after previous effect plays. This is the same as the start control on the Custom Animation task pane.
Delay - Length of delay before animation starts playing. Lets you delay the start of the animation by a specific number of seconds.
Speed - Sets the speed or duration of the effect. The same as the speed control on the Custom Animation task pane.
Repeat - Sets the number of times an animation effect plays or sets the animation to play until the next click or end of the slide. Lets you repeat the effect so the object is animated several times in succession.
Rewind when done playing - Returns the object to its original position after the animation has played. Effects that are not visible at the start of the animation will be hidden at the end of the animation if this check box is selected. Certain effects can leave the object in a different location to when you started. This restores the object to its original position.
Animate as part of click sequence - The animation is triggered as part of the click sequence displayed in the animation list.
Start effect on click of - The animation is triggered when you click an object that you select from the drop-down list.

Text Animation

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Group text - Sets the text in animations to be animated as a group or by paragraphs.
Automatically after - Sets the interval to start playing the effect after in seconds.
Animate attached shape - When this checkbox is selected, the shape that contains text is animated. When cleared, only the text is animated.
In reverse order - Sets the paragraphs in text animations to animate in reverse order.


If you only have one outline level on your slide then grouping by "1st level Paragraphs" will do. If you have more than one outline level then this option will cause each paragraph to be animated along with any paragraphs that are subordinate to it ?? If you would rather animate the second paragraphs separately then group your text by "2nd Level Paragraphs".

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