An animation effect is a special visual or sound effect added to a text or an object on a slide or chart.
It is also possible to animate the text and the other objects using the buttons on the Animation Effects toolbar.

You can have organisation charts appear
Or you can have the bullet points appearing one at a time.

Manual Animation
It is possible to automatically animate almost everything in your presentation
The problem with this is that you are tied to the timings of the slide show When you will probably need to have the flexibility to allow questions and comments.
For this reason you should consider triggering some of the animation manually.
Right click the object, select Custom Animation.
Click on the Effects tab and choose the animation you want to use.
Now click on Timings and select Animate and the On Mouse click radio button.

Scrolling website details at the bottom of a slide

How to customise bullet points so they appear 1 at a time

It is possible to add "Action Buttons" to your slides that can be used to invoke other things.

Action Button toolbar

Slide Transitions

Slide Transitions are not technically animations because they do not involve movement of the individual items on a slide.
A transition is how you get from one slide to another.
The normal way to move from one slide to another is to jump to the next slide.
There are over 50 types of slide transitions that can be used

A transition happens whenever a presentation slide changes to the next slide.
The first decision to make is whether the slide transitions will occur manually or automatically.
With manual transitions the mouse button or a key on the keyboard must be pressed for the next slide to be displayed.
Manual transitions are essential if there is a chance that someone might ask a question during the presentation.


(Edit, New animation effects) - Disables the new animation effects. Presentations with the new animation effects will not look the same when opened in earlier versions of PowerPoint.

Animating Text

The most common reason for animating text is draw attention to It typically one paragraph at a time.
One way to do this is to create an entrance effect for the text placeholder; then adjust the effect settings so that the entrance is applied one paragraph at a time.
When you do this the slide will initially appear empty except for the title.
Click the mouse once and the first line will appear.
Click the mouse again for the next paragraph to appear.

Another approach is to use an emphasis instead of an entrance effect.
This allows all the paragraphs to be displayed on the slide initially.
When you click the mouse the emphasis will be on the relevant paragraph.

In either case you must first add the effect for the text placeholder and then display the Effect Settings dialog box by clicking the down arrow next to the effect and selecting Effect Options
The Group text drop-down box on the Text Animation tab of the Effect Options dialog box controls how the paragraphs appear.

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