Bullet Characters

You can change the character which is used for the bullet by pressing the Customise button on the Bullets and Numbering dialog box.
Each design template comes with a default style of bullets for each indentation.
In the default template there are three different bullet characters and the size also varies.
Another template might have five different bullet characters with a variety of different colours.
Generally a higher level item should have a larger bullet.

alt text

You can easily change the size, colour and bullet character using the Bullets and Numbering dialog box.

Selecting a Bullet Character

If you do not like any of the seven displayed bullet characters you can select the Customise button to choose from a much wider selection

alt text

This dialog box lets you select the font you want to use and lets you specify the exact character you want to use.
Creating Custom Bullets is discussed on more detail on the Custom Bullets page.

Wide Variety of Fonts

You can choose any character from any font on your system including all the special fonts like Wingdings.
Choose a font from the drop-down list in the top left corner and select the desired character.
The bullet will often take some of its formatting from the line of text that it is next to.
For example if the line of text has been formatted with a shadow or bold attribute then the character bullet also has this formatting.
The Symbol, Wingdings and Webdings fonts all contain a variety of possible bullet characters.

alt text


You do not want your bullet characters to distract from the text so try to avoid using really flashy characters.
If you decide that you do not like a particular character just apply a different character.
You can select a different bullet character, picture or even a motion clip.

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