Custom Indentation

Indenting a line of text at the Same Level

There may be times when you just want to indent a line of text keeping it at the same level.
This can be achieved by using a left tab
Change the line of text back to the beginning (i.e. making it level 1).
Insert a left tab at the point where you want the line to begin and tab the text accordingly.

alt text

Indenting a line of text at the Same Level (with a bullet)

When you Increase the indentation of a bullet is is automatically reduced to the next level.
There is no simple way of achieving this although there are two workarounds that you could use.
1) Define the second level bullet point on the Slide Master to resemble the first level (although this change will affect all the slides).
2) Manually format this second level bullet to match the bullet associated with the first level. Just make a note of the font, character code, size and colour and make the second level bullet the same.

alt text

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