Custom Bullets

If you do not like the pictures which are provided by default it is possible to use your own graphics files

Picture bullets allow you a great deal of flexibility
The Clip Organiser comes with hundreds of small graphics can be used as bullet characters.
The displays the Picture Bullet dialog box which is directly linked to the Clip Organiser.

Bullet Picture

It is possible to use a picture for your bullet point.
PowerPoint 2000 introduced picture bullets. These are bullets that can be created from images.
These images can either be existing clip art and graphics or your own personal graphics.
You can either choose from the list of available pictures or you can select Import to browse to your own bitmap file.

alt text

Select the graphic you want and press OK

The clips with a star in the bottom are animated
The clips with a globe are from the Microsofy website

Importing your own Graphics

A common picture to use is the company logo.
If none of these are suitable you can import your own.
Import button on Picture Dialog box.

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