Textboxes can contain up to five levels of indentation and these are defined on your Slide Master
Indents in PowerPoint apply to the whole textbox and not just an individual paragraph.
This is an important difference between indentation in PowerPoint and indentation in Word.
Each level can have a different bullet character and each level is automatically adjusted to correspond to the slide master.

Defining your Indentation

You can define the indentation using your Slide Master.
You can drag the markers to adjust them

alt text

Changing your Indentation

Always make sure the ruler is displayed when you are changing the indentation of your paragraphs.
The ruler is extremely important as it displays all your tabs and indentation settings for the active textbox.
Display the ruler by selecting (View > Ruler).
The ruler may show as many as five different indentation levels (one for each level).
The ruler will only display indent markers for the levels which are currently being used in the textbox.

alt text

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