Numbered Bullets

Instead of using bullets to emphasis your list of points you can also use a numbered list.
A numbered list should be used when your items are in a logical sequence
Each numbered bullet is considered to be a separate paragraph.

alt text

Formatting Numbered Bullets

You can change the formatting of the numbered bullets to make them more readable and to emphasis particular items.
This can either be done manually to individual text boxes and lines or done using the Slide Master.
Changing the slide master is a quick way to changing all the text boxes on all the slides in a presentation.
You can quickly change the bullets into numbered bullets by using the Numbering button on the Formatting toolbar.

alt textNumbering - This button is a toggle. Press it once to add numbered bullets and then press it again to remove the numbered bullets.

You can change the type of numbering used by selecting (Format > Bullets and Numbering)(Numbering tab).
You have a choice of numbers, standard roman numerals or letters.

alt text

Size -
Color -
Start at - The starting number will default to 1 but this this can be easily changed.

Indented Numbered Bullets

The formatting used for the numbered bullets is exactly the same as that defined for bullets.
The font name and size is identical to that defined om the slide master for bullets.

alt text

Whenever a paragraph is indented the numbering is automatically restarted from the number 1.

Changing the Start Number

You can also easily change the starting number for the paragraph.
Changing this can be useful if your list is separated between two text boxes or spills over to multiple slides.

Changing the Number Colour

The eight colours that are displayed on the drop-down are the colours from the Colour Scheme
You can select a different colour by choosing "More Colours" to display the familiar "Colors" dialog box.

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