Font and Font Size

Change the font used the font drop-down box
You can easily change the type of font by using the drop-down boxes on the Formatting toolbar.
PowerPoint will automatically move the fonts that you use the most to the top of the font drop-down list.

(Ctrl + Shift + F) - activates the font drop-down
(Ctrl + Shift + P) - activates the font size drop-down
You can then use the mouse to move up and down within the list.

It is possible to change the size of the text using the font-size drop-down box on the Formatting toolbar.

You can also change the size of your text by using the Increase Font and Decrease Font buttons that appear on the Formatting toolbar.

alt textIncrease Font Size - (Ctrl + Shift + >)

alt textDecrease Font Size - (Ctrl + Shift + <)

You can change the format of your text by selecting (Format > Font) to display the font dialog box

One advantage the Formatting toolbar has over the font dialog box is that the fonts can be displayed in the actual font types to help you select the right font.

Advantage of using the Formatting toolbar to change the fonts
but all the fonts are displayed using the standard Windows Font.


It is not possible to use font sizes that are not whole numbers. If you enter a font size that contains a decimal it will be rounded to the nearest integer.

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