The quickest way to underline your text is to use the Underline command on the Formatting toolbar.
This button will toggle underlining from the current selection.

alt textUnderline - Toggles underline on the current selection.

You can also use the shortcut key (Ctrl + U) to quickly toggle the underline.

alt text

Using the (Format > Font) dialog box

You can also use the (Format > Font) dialog box to toggle the underline from the current selection.

alt text

Extending the underline

By default when you apply underline to a line of text the underline will only be placed underneath the characters and not past the last character.
If you include any extra spaces after the last word these will not be underlined.
It is possible to extend the underline past the last word by using a Tab.

alt text

You can control the length of the line by adjusting the length of the tab.
The default tab stops are defined at every Inch and are displayed on the Ruler. You can display the ruler at any time by pressing (View > Ruler).
If you have a couple of lines of text and you want the underlining to match on all the lines you should add a custom tab stop to the ruler.

alt text

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