Creating Charts

One way to add a chart to a presentation is to apply a slide layout that contains a chart placeholder.
There are several layouts on the Slide Layout task pane that can be used.
1) Use the Content Palette / Multiple Object Placeholder
2) Use the Chart Placeholder
3) Use (Insert > Chart)
All these methods use the Microsoft Graph application to allow you to insert charts directly.

Content Palette

If you insert any layouts from the Contents or Text and Content sections then a Content placeholder will be included on the slide.
There are several slide layouts that include Content placeholders
Content Palette has six little icons

alt text

You can click the chart icon to insert a chart.
Table -
Chart -
ClipArt -
Picture From File -
Diagram -
Media Clip -

Chart Placeholder

If you insert a layout from the Other section that include a chart then a chart placeholder will be included on the slide.

alt text

Adding a chart to an existing slide

You can add a chart to an existing slide by either using the button on the standard toolbar or by selecting (Insert > Chart).
Using the (Insert > Chart) is exactly the same as the predefined chart layout.

alt textInsert Chart - This can be found on the standard toolbar.

If you add a chart to an existing slide, you probably have to adjust the size and position of the existing objects in order to make room for the chart.
The chart will be placed on top of anything else on the slide

You can move the chart like any other object by clicking and dragging it to its new location.


If you want to create a slide with a single chart and nothing else then choose the Title and Chart slide layout.
If you have used the AutoContent Wizard to create your presentation then it may already contain a Chart placeholder slide.

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