This supplies the underlying data for the chart.
The datasheet works like a simple spreadsheet program.
The datasheet only appears when you edit the chart object.

The first row and column of the datasheet are used for headings and are not assigned a letter or number.
If you want to chart a large number of values then you can increase the size of the datasheet window by dragging one of its corners.
SS - before [ arrow ] - after

alt text

You can choose an entire column by clicking on the letter and likewise you can select an entire row by clicking on its row number.
It is also possible to select the whole datasheet by selecting the blank box in the top left corner.

You can change the font used on the datasheet by selecting (Format > Font)
You can change the number format used by selecting (Format > Number)

Different Series

A collection of related numbers is often referred to as a series.
For example a chart of quarterly sales by region may have a series for each region
Each series has four sales totals one for each quarter.
Each series is usually represented by a row on the datasheet but it is possible to change the datasheet so that each column represents a series.
Most chart types can plot more than one series.
Pie charts can chart only one series at a time.

Transposing Rows and Columns (Data > Series in Columns)

You can hide the datasheet at any time by selecting the close button in the top right corner.
You can view the datasheet at any time by selecting (View > DataSheet).

Plotting by Rows or Columns

Excel defaults to plotting the series by columns
Although MS Graph defaults to plotting the series by rows

Quickly toggle using the toolbar button.

Moving Around

Moving around a datasheet:
Arrow Keys - one cell in direction of the arrow
Tab - forward to next cell in the row
Shift + Tab - back to the previous cell
Enter - down to next cell in the column.

Number Formats

Currency -
Comma -
Percent - different styles
Select the cells and click the Style button.


There is no Maximise icon on the datasheet window but the size can be changed by dragging a corner.
The datasheet may resemble a spreadsheet but you cannot use functions or formulas in the cells. If you want to use functions or formulas then create the data in Excel and import the data to Microsoft Graph.

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