The lines on the edges of the chart are referred to as the axes.
The X-axis is the line along the left edge of the chart. The x-axis usually indicates categories
The actual data values are plotted on the y-axis
Microsoft Graph will automatically provide labels for the axes but these can be changed manually.

A legend is normally used to identify the various series plotted on the chart
Microsoft Graph can create a legend automatically if you need one.

Default Fill Colours

Default Line Colours

Applying Data Labels

Double click the graph to activate it.
Open the Format Data Series dialog box
click the Data Labels tab

Changing Number Formats

A number of built-in number formats are provided
To format the tick-mark labels double click the appropriate axis
To format the data labels select either the group or individual label and then double click it.
To format a trend line double click it.

Select the number format. Choose the category and press OK

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