Datasheet Options

Move selection after Enter - Automatically moves the active cell down one row after you press Enter to enter a value in a cell. Press Shift + Enter to move the active cell up one row.
Cell drag and drop - Moves and copies cells and data by dragging.


Not plotted (leave gaps) - Leaves gaps in the line for the empty cells, making the line segmented.
Zero - Treats blank cells as zeros so that the line drops to zero for zero-value data points.
Interpolated - Interpolates data points that represent blank cells and fills in the gaps with connecting lines.
Show names - Displays the name of a chart item when you rest the pointer over it.
Show values - Displays the value of a data marker when you rest the pointer over it.


Modify - Displays the Colors dialog box. You can edit any of the original 56 colours on the colour palette to create custom colours.
Reset - Resets the colour palette to its original 56 colours.

The six Chart Fill colours that are not displayed are taken from the Colour Scheme of the active slide.

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