The menu bar and toolbars are all customised for Microsoft Graph.

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The menu bar now includes a specific Data and Chart drop-down menus.

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Standard Toolbar

This toolbar contains buttons to allow you to perform the basic operations such as opening and closing workbooks, moving and printing data.

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alt textNew -
alt textOpen - Displays the (File > Open) dialog box.
alt textSave - Saves the active workbook. Displays the (File > SaveAs) dialog box the first time a workbook is saved.
alt textE-mail - Emails the active
alt textPrint - Prints the active worksheet.
alt textPrint Preview - Displays the (File > Print Preview) dialog box.
alt textZoom - Adjusts the size
alt textChart Objects - Lets you select the different chart objects
alt textFormat - Open the format dialog box tailored to what object is currently selected.
alt textImport File - Opens the ( > Import ) dialog box to allow you to import chart data from another file, such as an Excel worksheet.
alt textView Datasheet - This toggles the display of the datasheet.
alt textCut -
alt textCopy -
alt textPaste -
alt textUndo -
alt textBy Row - Displays datasheet row data as the data series (default)
alt textBy Column - Displays the datasheet data as columns.
alt textData Table - Displays the data table ??
alt textChart Type - Lets you change the type of your chart.
alt textCategory Axis Gridlines - Toggles gridlines ??
alt textValue Axis Gridlines - Toggles gridlines ??
alt textLegend -
alt textDrawing Toolbar - Toggles the display of the drawing toolbar.
alt textFill Color - Lets you apply fill colours and fill effects to your chart objects.
alt textMicrosoft Graph Help -

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