Background Colour

This can be done either on the Master slides or for individual slides.
A slide background appears behind the objects on a slide and can be either a solid colour or a fill effect or picture.
Some of the built-in templates have different background colours.
When you select a design template the slide background colour and shading is decided by the colour scheme
You can change the colour and shading options while retaining the other design elements.
You can either apply a background to all the slides or just the selection of slides.
Select (Format > Background) to display the Background dialog box.

Change the Colour of Individual Slides

Select More Colours from the background fill drop-down list.

alt text

Select Apply

Changing All Slides

It is very easy to change the background colour of the slides in a presentation.
You can set the background to any colour and also allows you to add patterns, textures and shadings.
Select Apply to All.

Hiding Background objects

Slide and Title Masters enable you to add background objects that appear on every slide in your presentation
You can however, hide the background objects for selected slides
You can also change the background colour or effect used for an individual slide

alt text

Omit background graphics from master - Lets you temporarily hide the background objects that are on the master slides.
change the background fill to a different colour
Select Apply or Apply to All depending on how many slides you want affected.

Choosing the Colours

8 are from the colour scheme
the other 8 are colours you have also used in the presentation ???
You can select any colour for your background, you are not restricted to choose one of the eight colour scheme colours.
However if you choose a colour that is not from the colour scheme then this colour will not automatically change when you change the colour scheme.
For this reason it is often best to choose a colour from the colour scheme colours if possible.


Save dark backgrounds for slides designed to be shown on large screens.
You can copy the background of a slide using the Format Painter.
Applying fill effects is covered on the next page.

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