The number of colour schemes available will depend on which design template you are using.
It is very easy to change the colour scheme used in a presentation (or template).
There are a few important facts you need to aware of when working with colour schemes.

  • Design templates typically contain more than one colour scheme.

  • Each Master Slide has a colour scheme has associated with it.

  • Individual slides can use a different colour scheme.

Select (Format > Slide Design) and then choose the Color Schemes link at the top.

Changing Individual Slides

If you want to select individual slides then it is easier if you switch to Slide Sorter view first.
Select the slides you want to change and then click to the right of the colour scheme you want to apply.
If you have more than one slide selected clicking the actual colour scheme will only apply it to the selected slides.
If you have a single slide selected then clicking the actual colour scheme will apply it to all the slides in the presentation.
Press the down arrow next to the thumbnail and select "Apply to Selected Slides".

alt text

You can either use one of the colour schemes provided or you can modify an existing one.

Changing All Slides

Press the down arrow next to the thumbnail and select "Apply to All Slides".
When you manually apply a colour scheme to all the slides this is the equivalent to changing the master slide colour scheme.
Any changes you may have made to individual slides with the presentation will be lost.

alt text

Edit Colour Scheme Dialog Box

You can also change the colour scheme of all your slides from the Edit Colour Scheme dialog box.
Select the Edit Colour Schemes link at the bottom of the Slide Design task pane.
Selecting the Standard tab you can see all the colour schemes available in the active presentation.
The Apply button will apply the chosen colour scheme to all the slides and not the current selection.

alt text

Preview - Applies the selected colour scheme to all the slides.
Delete Scheme - Removes the currently selected colour scheme from the active presentation.

Objects on the Slides

The colour scheme for a particular slide will determine the colours used when you add objects to particular slides.
If the "fill" colour in the colour scheme is green, then the default fill colour for any object placed on the slide will also be green.
If you use these colours on your objects and shapes then changing the colour scheme will automatically change these colours.
If you use colours that are not part of a colour scheme then these colours will remain fixed regardless of which colour scheme is selected.


When you apply a colour scheme to a selection of slides the colour scheme associated with the master slide is over written.
Changing the colour scheme for a particular slide can make it stand out.
A presentation must contain at least one colour scheme.

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