Design Templates

You can easily change the design template used by a presentation at any time.
You can change the design template used by a presentation by selecting (Format > Slide Design).
You can also display the Slide Design task pane by pressing the Design button on the Formatting toolbar.

alt textDesign - Displays the Slide Design task pane, where you can select design templates, colour schemes, and animation schemes.

It is very easy to change the Design template after a presentation has been created or even while it is being created.
This will display the Slide Design task pane

Slide Design Task Pane

The Design Templates options should be selected at the very top.

alt text

Apply to Master -
Apply to All Slides -
Apply to Selected Slides -
Show Large Previews -

choosing one from the list or browsing. Presentation designs have the extension (.pot).

Apply Design Template Dialog

alt text

Slide designs are provided to give you a quick and easy way to create a background and design style
You can choose a slide design by selecting Slide Design in the task pane

A thumbnail of each slide design will appear.
If you select one of them the slide will change automatically

Slide Design task pane and shortcut menus
Any further changes to the slide master will not erase the formatting you specifically defined for this slide.

Choose the slide listed under "Used in this presentation"
This will not modify the Slide Masters colour scheme ??

Slide Design Task Pane

You can also double click on the Template name on the status bar to quickly display the Slide Design task pane
Changing a design template manually by clicking on a single slide will not change any slides that have had their design manually changed.

You can create a new folder or you can save it in the "Presentation Designs" folder with all the other design templates


Changing the design template will not alter the content on some of the slides, although some of the text may get repositioned depending on the exact positioning of the text placeholders.

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