Background Fill Effects

(Format > Background)
It is very easy to change the background of your slides to something a bit more interesting than a single colour.
Select Fill Effect from the background fill drop-down list.

alt text

You can select several slides and change the fill effect for all these slides at once.
Just as you can with the background colour you can applu fill effects to all the slides or just individual slides.

Using a Gradient

alt text

On the gradient tab select if you want one or two colours.
Alternatively you can select the preset option and choose from one of the standard effects.
A gradient begins the background with one colour at one side (or edge) and gradually changes to another colour.

Using Texture

24 textures that repeat across the whole slide.

alt text

Other Texture - Allows you to select an image from a file.

Using a Pattern

48 patterns with a choice of foreground and background colours.

alt text

Using a Picture

This lets you display a picture (or graphic) that will fill the entire slide.
The select picture button lets you browse to any picture. The default location is the My Picture folder.
Navigate to the folder containing your picture and select Insert.

alt text

Select Picture - Allows you to select a picture from a file.

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