Adding Clips to the Clip Organiser

(Files > Add Clips to Organiser on my own)
Add clips to Organiser dialog box
Navigate to the folder
Select the clips you want to add
You can use the Shift and Ctrl keys to select continuous and non continuous items.
Click the Add to button.
A list of existing collections
If not they are placed in the unclassified clips folder.

Adding and Changing Keywords

You cannot change the keywords for the any clips that come as standard with Microsoft Office although you can change for any clip art (and other files) you add yourself.
In order to find your clip art quickly you will need to assign keywords to them
Right click an item of clip art and select "Edit Keywords".
The default for the clip is the file name.
Edit the name in the caption box
To add the keyword press the Add button
To remove select the keywords and press Delete.
You can modify multiple clips at the same time by selecting all the clips before you right mouse and select "Edit Keywords".
The "All Clips at Once" tab will then be enabled.

Creating new Collections

You are not stuck with the default folders and categories you can create your won structure and copy the clips across.
To create a new collection
Right click "My Collections" in the task pane
Choose New Collection and type the name
This allows you to next folder

It is possible for a clip to exist in multiple collections at the same time
To make a copy just drag and drop the clip art into a folder.
If you want to move a clip drag and drop and the delete the original clip art.

Removing Clips to the Clip Organiser

Right mouse click and select Delete
same for folders and categories.

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