Opening ClipArt Organiser

You can actually open the ClipArt Organiser at any time since it is actually a separate application.
This can be accessed from the Start bar.
Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools > Clip Art Organisr
This file can be found in the following location:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 11\Office 11\MSTORE.exe

Using (Insert > Picture > From Scanner or Camera)

Assuming you have more than one imaging device connected to your computer
A list of all the devices will be displayed in the drop-down.

You can change the colour of any element of your clipart by using the (Format > Picture > ReColor)

Adding your own Art

It is possible to add your own art to the ClipArt Organiser

You can easily create a slide that contains animated clipart.
Add the clipart to the slide and ungroup it.
With all the individual pieces still selected select (Slide Show > Custom



Bitmaps ?

A bitmap picture is just a collection of dots that makes up a picture.
These dots are often referred to as pixels and the number of pixels used in a picture depends on the size of the picture and its resolution.
The word resolutions refers to the number of pixels per inch and most computers display 72 pixels per inch.
The more dots used in a picture the more memory the picture requires to display it.
Most clip art, charts and diagrams has 256 colours
Photographs usually have a lot more and are often referred to as True colour of 24-bit colour pictures.
You can create you own bitmaps or you can scan in actual photographs
There are several applications you can use to create and edit bitmap files including Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

MPF and CIL Files

It is possible that you may encounter files with the following file extensions (*.mpf) and (*.cil).
Both of these file extensions are formats that Microsoft used to package and transfer clip art.
The latest format is MPF and the older format is CIL.
You can run both types of files (by double clicking) to extract the clip art and save it locally.

You can insert a clipart image or a picture on any slide even if it does not contain a placeholder. If there is no placeholder the image is placed in the middle of the slide. You can always click the Clips Online button to connect to the Microsoft gallery for more clips, sounds & movies you can download
You can add an image to the Clip Gallery, select the picture Insert > Picture > Clipart click Import clips.
You can add 3D effects to ClipArt. You can also add standard text over ClipArt pictures using the text tool (large A) and draw text outlines.
You can take a piece of clipart and ungroup it to enable you to only use a portion of the image. You can also group objects and images so they interecat as if they were one for moving or re-sizing. You can easily add borders, scaling and roating of objects. Just right mouse click over the object and select format

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