Step 1 - What is the Clip Art Task Pane ?

Choosing the right collections to search in can make the search results faster.


 Search for - When you search using multiple keywords, only clipart that has all the necessary keywords will be displayed.

 Search -

 Restore -

 Search in - There are three main collections: My Collections, Office Collections and Web Collections.

 Results should be - The default is to search all media file types which includes Clip Art, Photographs, Movies and Sound.

 Clip Organiser -

 Clips Online -

 Tips for finding clips -


Step 2 - Inserting Clip Art

Click the clip art you want to insert.


 Modify -

 Clip Organiser -

 Clips Online -

 Tips for finding clips -


Step 3 - Tips for finding clips

This can reduce the number of clips returned significantly. You can use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard character to represent any number of characters.
A lot of the clipart provided by PowerPoint is divided into styles.

Step 4 - Things to Remember

  • You cannot add any files to the Office Collection or Web Collection folders.

  • It is possible for the same clip to appear in more than one collection.

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