File Extensions

It is possible to insert an image file (in any format) into the Clip Organiser.
These are the most common file extensions

.bmpThe most common type used by Microsoft Paint and other applications.
.gifGraphics Interchange Format. This is used for a lot of small pictures that appear on web sites. This format cannot handle more than 256 colours although compression is supported.
.jpgA common format for photographs which include built-in compression.
.pngPortable Network Graphics. This is used for a lot of images that appear on web sites.
.wmfWindows Metafile. This a vector format and is often used to exchange data between Windows programs.

Besides bitmap files PowerPoint can also use vector drawing files.
These are graphic files which contain detailed information about each shape that makes up the final image.
These types of files are created with the more expensive drawing programs.
PowerPoint also supports the following file extensions for Pictures

.cdrCorel Draw file format
.cgmComputer Graphics metafiles. A vector format frequently used in the past, especially as a medium for clip-art transmission. Not used that much now though.
.pcdKodak Photo CD format
.pctMacintosh PICT format.
.pcxAlso used by Microsoft Paint.
.tgaTarga files. A high end format and also a bridge with low-end computers. Often used in PC and Mac paint and ray-tracing programs because of its high resolution colour fidelity.
.tiffTagged Image File Format. Used across a wide range of applications and platforms. Also commonly used for high quality photographs.

PowerPoint supports the following file extensions for Vector Drawings

.drwMicrosoft Designer, Microsoft Draw
.dxfAutoCAD format
.emdEnhanced Windows Metafile
.emfEnhanced Windows Metafile
.epsEncapsulated Postscript. Perhaps the most widely used Postscript format. Postscript combines both bitmap and vector data very successfully.
.pcd(Kodak) PhotCD, Used to store photographs on CDs.

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