The colour scheme for a particular slide will determine the colours used when you add objects to particular slides.
If the "fill" colour in the colour scheme is green, then the default fill colour for any object placed on the slide will also be green.
If you use these colours on your objects and shapes then changing the colour scheme will automatically change the colours.

These colours can be easily changed.

Borders and Fill

It is possible to enhance an object or picture by placing a border around it.
Double click an object "---" dialog box is displayed


You can use the Formatting toolbar
line style

If you want to use a colour which is not part of the colour scheme then you can select "More Colors" at the bottom
This colour will be automatically added to the Color menu ??

You can easily distinguish your custom colours from the colours used in the colour scheme because the colour scheme colours are always the 8 colours on the top row.
Your custom colours will always appear on the bottom row.

To remove a border choose "no line"

To fill an object click on Fill or colours and lines dialog

You can also use the Fill color and Line color commands from the Drawing toolbar

Drawing Toolbar

add removed line - change line colour
add removed colour fill
add removed shadow
change thickness of border line
change style of border line

Background fill options
(Format > Colors and Lines)
Fill drop-down box

Things to Remember

  • You can quickly copy the format from one object to another by using the Format Painter command on the standard toolbar. This can be used to copy fill colours, shading, texture, etc

  • To copy a format to several objects, double click the format painter and select each object in turn. Press Escape when you have finished.

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