Microsoft Online web site

Microsoft Office Online website is being constantly updated and maintains a large library of clip library.
The complete collection of Microsoft clipart is available through PowerPoint when you search for clips if you are connected to the internet.
You may want to browse the Microsoft online website to find your artwork if you prefer.
It is also possible to download clip art from the Office Online website
You select clips you want and add them to your basket. You then download the contents of your basket to your hard drive.

Downloading Clip Art

The first time you try and download any clip art you will be prompted to install the Office Template and Media Control Utility.
When you are prompted choose to open to extract the files to the following folder:
C:\MyDocuments\Microsoft Clip Organiser\

The first time you download clips you may be prompted to install an Office Template and Media Control.
The file downloaded will be a Media package file (.mpf)
You must open it to allow the clips to be extracted.
When you are prompted , choose Open. This will extract the files to your "My Documents\Microsoft Clip Organizer" folder and will then show the clips in your Downloaded Clips collections in your clip organizer.

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