AutoFormat - Displays the Organisation Chart Style Gallery dialog box.

Insert Shape Drop-Down

This is actually a tear off toolbar.


Subordinate - Adds a subordinate to the current component.
Co-worker - Adds a co-worker to the current component.
Assistant - Adds an assistant to the current component.

Layout Drop-Down Menu

This menu offers a number of different standard configurations and tools to help fit and scale the diagram.


 Standard -

 Both Hanging -

 Left Hanging -

 Right Hanging -

 AutoLayout - (Added in 2003)

 Fit Organisation Chart to Contents - (Removed in 2003) Changes the diagram canvas to fit tightly around your diagram.

 Expand Organisation Chart - (Removed in 2003)

 Scale Organisation Chart - (Removed in 2003)


Select Drop-Down Menu


 Level - Selects all the components on the same level as the one currently selected.

 Branch - Selects all the components in the same branch as the one currently selected.

 All Assistants - Selects all the assistant components.

 All Connecting Lines - Selects all the connecting lines between the components.


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