You can resize an object in two ways:
1) Click the object to display the while squares (resizing handles) and drag one of the handles
2) For more precise resizing, select (Format > Autoshape) and select the size tab.

Sizing an Object

When you select an object an outline box will appear around that object.
The rectangle will have eight handles, one at each corner and one in the middle of each edge.
These can be used to adjust the size of an object

To change the size of an object, click it to select it and grab once on the handles. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse.

The different handles enable to change different dimensions of an object:

  • The handles at the corners allow you to change both the height and the width of the object

  • The handles on the top and bottom edges allow you to change just the height

  • The handles on the top and bottom edges allow you to change just the width

If you hold down Ctrl while you drag one of the handles the object will stay centred at it current position

If you hold down the Shift key the object will keep its proportions between height and width

In addition a green dot called the rotate handle appears floating above the object.
You can rotate the object by grabbing this handle and dragging it around in a circle.

Things to Remember

  • Changing the size of a text object does not change the size of the text, it only changes the size of the frame containing the text. To change the size of the text you can use the (Format > Font) dialog box.

  • Holding down the Shift key while you resize an object will constrain it to the vertical and horizontal movement.

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