What is a Target Diagram ?

A target diagram displays progress towards a goal
Each layer moves closer towards the centre result.
A target dialog is a bit like a flow chart which moves from the outside to the centre.
A target dialog flows from the outside in or from the inside out.


Creating a Target Diagram

Insert a blank slide and select (Insert > Diagram).
Select target diagram from the Diagram Gallery dialog box and press OK


Inserting Shapes

The Diagrams toolbar is automatically displayed whenever a diagram is selected.
The first button on this toolbar is "Insert Shape" which can be used to insert more circles to your target diagram.
When inserting new shapes you should select an existing shape which you want the new shape inserted next to.


Move Shape Backward - Only available when AutoLayout is switched on.
Move Shape Forward - Only available when AutoLayout is switched on.
Reverse Diagram -

Things to Remember

  • To be able to insert more discs you must have the AutoLayout switched on.

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