Insert - Creates text effects by inserting a Microsoft Office drawing object.
Edit Text - Opens the Edit WordArt Text dialog box, where you can edit the text of the selected WordArt object.
Gallery - Opens the WordArt Gallery dialog box, in which you can choose a different WordArt style for the selected WordArt object.
Format - Formats the line, colour, fill and pattern, size, position, and other properties of the selected object.
Shape - This enables you to apply one of 40 available formats to your shape ??
Same Letter Heights - Makes all the letters in the current WordArt object the same height.
Vertical Text - Stacks the text in the selected WordArt object vertically one letter on top of the other so you can read it from top to bottom.
Alignment - Displays a drop-down menu of different types of alignment.
Character Spacing - Displays a drop-down menu of different types of character spacing

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