PowerPoint has an AutoLayout feature that attempts to reposition your slide content to match the corresponding slide layout.
This only works with the following objects: Text Placeholders, Diagram Placeholders.
This feature is enabled by default
Microsoft PowerPoint automatically adjusts the layout if you insert items that don't fit the original layout. For example, if you use a layout with only one placeholder for content such as a table, and you then insert a picture after inserting the table, the layout adjusts, adding a placeholder for the picture. If you don't like the new layout, you can undo it
When PowerPoint changes to a different slide layout the AutoLayout icon will automatically appear next to the inserted object.
The AutoLayout feature is switched on by default but can be easily removed.
Change your (Tools > AutoCorrect Options)(AutoFormat as you type tab, Automatic layout for inserted objects)

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AutoLayout Smart Tag

The AutoLayout smart tag will appear
The drop-down menu will appear in the bottom right corner of the object that has been inserted.
Start with a slide that only contains a slide title text placeholder and paste an item of clip art onto the slide.

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Undo Automatic Layout -
Stop automatic layout of inserted objects -
Control AutoCorrect Options -

Changing the Slide Layout

Everytime you insert a new slide you will be asked to select the AutoLayout. All the Autolayout formats except the Blank have placeholders for different objects. . A placeholder is a box with a dotted line which contains instructions.
You select an Auto Layout when you create a new presentation.
Even if you do not want the exact layout offered by an autolayout you can always add and delete custom items once it has been inserted.
You can create your own layout by selecting a blank slide and then adding individual items.

You can undo an AutoLayout if you want using the smart tag
If PowerPoint changes to a different layout, the AutoFormat icon appears next to the inserted table.
Click the icon to open it and choose Undo.
You can also undo the AutoLayout by using (Edit > Undo) or by using the familiar shortcut key (Ctrl + Z).
or using the smart tag.
If AutoLayout did not change the layout of the slide then the table will be inserted in the middle of your slide ignoring all other content.

Diagram Example

alt text

Clip Art Example

The Autolayout feature does work for ClipArt in 2002 but not in 2003.
When you manually insert a piece of clipart onto a slide using (Insert > Picture > Clip Art) the slide layout does not automatically change.
Instead the item of clip art is inserted in the middle of the slide, ignoring all the other objects on the slide.

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