Manual Objects

Everytime you switch to a slide layout that does not include a placeholder for some content that already exists on a slide the object will be converted to what is known as a "Manual Object".
You do not have to use one of the slide layouts to insert your content onto your slides.
You can also insert the object manually.

You can move individual placeholders on specific slides to different positions, make them different sizes, and format them with fill colours and borders.
This applies to slides and notes pages; on handouts, you can only change the header and footer placeholders.
For consistency throughout a presentation, it may be best to make changes to the master.

If you adjust the placeholders on a notes page or slide and then you want the original layout back, you can reapply the original layout.

Title, Text, Clipart
add text and it automatically appears in outline

change to title only slide
text moves
text is no longer associated with a placeholder but still appears in outline view

change to title and text
text is reassigned

This type of textbox is often referred to as an orphaned textbox.

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