There are two types of placeholders that appear on yours slides.
The Single object placeholder is used to insert a specific object and the Multiple object placeholder can be used to insert a range of different objects.

Single Object Placeholders

There are 6 specific types of placeholder:

Text PlaceholderTable Placeholder 
Chart PlaceholderClipArt Placeholder 
Diagram PlaceholderMedia Clip Placeholder 

Content Placeholders

There is another type of placeholder that appears on a lot of the slide layouts and is a multiple object placeholder.

Table - This icon allows you to create a table by displaying the Insert Table dialog box.
Chart - This icon allows you to quickly create a chart with the default chart format.
Clip Art - This icon allows you to insert a piece of clipart by displaying the Select Picture dialog box.
Picture - This icon only appears on a content placeholder and displays the Insert Picture dialog box.
Diagram - This icon allows you to insert a diagram or organisation chart by displaying the Diagram Gallery dialog box.
Media Clip - This icon allows you to insert a media clip by displaying the Media Clip dialog box.

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