Print Dialog Box


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Name - This drop-down lists all the printers that are currently available. Click a printer in the Name box. The information that appears below the Name box applies to the selected printer. The printer you click is the default printer for the rest of the current Word session, or until you change it.
Properties - Click Properties to change Windows printer options for the selected printer. If you want to change Word printing options, click Options instead.
Find Printer - Find and select a network printer based on features, name, location, or model.
Print to file - Prints your document to a file instead of to a printer.
Manual duplex - Enables you to print the document on both sides of the paper if you don't have a duplex printer. After one side has printed, Microsoft Word prompts you to re-feed the paper.

Print Range

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All - (Default) Prints the entire document.
Current slide - Prints just the active slide. Before you display this dialog box you should move to the slide that you want to print.
Selection - Prints only the current selection. Before you display this dialog box you should select the slides you want to print. This option is not available if nothing is selected in your document.
Custom Show - If you have used the Sldie Show > Custom Shows command to create custom slide shows, you can use this option to select the show that you want to print.
Slides - Prints the slides you type in the Slides box (eg 1,3,10, 5-7)

Print What

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Print What - You have a choice of four options: Slides (the default), Handouts (additional options), Notes Pages or Outline.
Color/grayscale - If you have a black and white printer selecting Grayscale will make the colour slides look better. This can also be used to force a colour printer to print in black in white.
Slides per page -
Horizontal -
Vertical -
Scale to fit paper - If the slide is too large to fit on the paper then this will decrease the slide to make it fit on the page.
Frame slides - Prints each slide with a border around each slide.
Include comment pages -
Hidden Slides - This will be disabled if your presentation does not contain any hidden slides.


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Number of Copies - Enter the number of copies you want to print or use the spinner.
Collate - Prints the copies of the document in proper binding order. If your presentation consists of four slides and you want to print 3 copies. The first complete copy of all slides is printed out, then the second complete copy and then the third. This option saves you from sorting out the copies once it is printed.


If your presentation takes a long time to print it may be worth unchecking the Collate checkbox. Many printers are faster when they have to print a second or third copy of the same page.

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