Basic Printing

Before you can print anything you must have at least one printer installed.
If you want to print a single copy of the entire document you can press the Print button on the Standard toolbar.

alt textPrint - Using this button will always print the entire document regardless of whether you have highlighted a specific part of the document.
alt textPrint Preview - Before printing it is always worth checking that the layout is OK by using (File > Print Preview).

Printing a Selection

Displaying your presentation in Slide Sorter view allows you to select a few slides and print "the selection".
Use the Shift and Ctrl keys to select the slides you want to print

Print What

On the (File > Print) dialog box there is an option giving the choice of what to print.

alt text

Slides - Print your slides one slide per page
Handouts - Prints miniatures of the slides 2, 3, 4, 6 or 9 to the page. Printing your handouts with 3 slides on a page will allow you to add notes next the slides.
Notes Page - A slide miniature is printed together with any notes that have been added
Outline - The text for each slide is printed showing the structure of the presentation.

Using (File > Print) from either the document view or the print preview will bring up the Print dialog box
If you want to print double sided, then only print the odd pages, put the paper back in the printer (with the page order reversed) and print the even pages.
Displaying a document using (File > Print Preview) will remove all the paragraph marks and non printable characters.
You can print your pages in reverse order by selecting (File > Print > Options)(Print tab, "Reverse Print Order").

It is easy to create handouts and print notes for you and the people you are presenting to.
(File > Print > Print What ???)

What is the easiest way to print a PDF file ??

All documents should be viewed either using (File > Print Preview) or in the Page Layout view.

It is possible to create a connection to more than one printer. The print dialog box allows you to list all the printers you are connected to and tells you the status.

There is now also a Web Page Preview.
Non Printing characters control the way your document looks and these can be displayed or hidden by pressing the Show/Hide button on the Formatting toolbar ??

Non printing characters include: Paragraph marks, line breaks, tab, automatic page break, manual page break, column break, section break

You can print selected pages (i.e. 5, 9, 12) or a range (i.e. 6-10)

Printing Presentations

Print button on standard toolbar
(Ctrl + P)
(File > Print)

Black and White

For most of use we will probably print our slides on a black and white printer.
If you would like to see how the slides will look when printed in black and white you can select (View > Black and White).
This toggle turns the entire slide show into black and white
To make darker objects appear lighter you can apply a greyscale
(Right mouse click and choose Light Greyscale)
Any changes you make will not affect how the slide will be printed when printed in colour.

When printing there are several options. Use the Print What list. When you wan to print you have a large number of options. You can select specific slides by holding Ctrl and selecting the particular slides in slide sorter, then print the selection (or type 1,4,10). Obviously all the slides a range or just the current slide and number of copies

If you are printing in Black and White you might want to view the slides in black and white. View > Black & White. This toggles so select again to return to colour. For dark objects Light greyscale is a good choice. Any changes made whilst in black & white mode have no affect when you return to colour.

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