Application Level

You must insert a new class module into your project.

AfterNewPresentationOccurs after a new presentation is created.YYYYY
AfterPresentationOpenOccurs after the user opens a presentation.YYYYY
ColorSchemeChangedOccurs when the color scheme is changed.YYYYY
NewPresentationOccurs when a new presentation is created.YYYYY
PresentationBeforeClose YYYY 
PresentationBeforeSaveOccurs before a presentation is saved. The default response can be cancelled.YYYYY
PresentationCloseOccurs before the user closes a presentationYYYYY
PresentationCloseFinal YYYY 
PresentationNewSlide YYYYY
PresentationOpenOccurs when the user opens a presentation.YYYYY
PresentationPrintOccurs after a presentation has been sent to printYYYYY
PresentationSaveOccurs after a presentation is savedYYYYY
PresentationSync YYYYY
ProtectedViewWindowActivate YYYY 
ProtectedViewWindowBeforeClose YYYY 
ProtectedViewWindowBeforeEdit YYYY 
ProtectedViewWindowDeactivate YYYY 
ProtectedViewWindowOpen YYYY 
SlideSelectionChangedOccurs when a slide or slide selection changes in any way except the Outline view.YYYYY
SlideShowBeginOccurs when a slide show startsYYYYY
SlideShowEndOccurs when a slide shoe endsYYYYY
SlideShowNextBuildOccurs after the next build startsYYYYY
SlideShowNextClickOccurs after the slide show window is clicked.YYYYY
SlideShowNextSlideOccurs after showing the next slideYYYYY
SlideShowOnNext YYYYY
SlideShowOnPrevious YYYYY
WindowActivateOccurs when any application or document window is activated.YYYYY
WindowBeforeDoubleClickOccurs before a shape is double clicked in normal or slide view. Before a slide is double clicked in slide sorter view or the notes page view. The default response can be cancelled.YYYYY
WindowBeforeRightClickOccurs before a shape, slide, notes page or text is clicked using the right mouse button. The default reponse can be cancelled. This event is fired twice if you select an object at the same time.YYYYY
WindowDeactivateOccurs after an application or document window is activated.YYYYY
WindowSelectionChangeOccurs when the selection of a shape, slide or text is changed.YYYYY

Application Level Events

It is not possible to write event handlers for the Application object directly into a presentation.

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