VBA Code

activewindow.selection.slideranger.shapes(I).type = msoAutoshape / msoCallout / msoChart / msoComment 

Dim pptobj as powerpoint.application.8 
if tasks.exists("Microsoft PowerPoint" = True Then
   set pptobj = GetObject(,"PowerPoint.Application.8")
   set pptobj = CreateObject("PowerPoint.Application.8")
end if
pptobj.visible = true

set pptPres = pptobj.presentations.add 

set aslide = pptPres.slides.add(index:=1, layout:=ppLayoutText) 

aslide.shapes(1).textframe.textrange.text = activedocument.name 

aslide.shapes(2).textframe.textrange.text = activedocument.paragraphs(1).range.text 

Expand Slide

Generates a new slide using each bullet as the title for that slide.

Macro Security

If you have the (Tools > Options) (General tab) "Macro virus protection" switched on then if you do encounter the message unexpectedly you can click "Do not open" and click (Tools > Macro > Macros) then the organiser button and open the document within the Organiser to check for any suspicious macro names

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